Portrait Session – Diploma Batch 2013-14

An ongoing session for Diploma batch 2013-14 under mentorship of faculty, director and photographer Dinesh Khanna. The basic idea was to experiment with different lighting technique and also observing your subject.
Here Yawan Rai shares his insights about the session: “I’ve used reference pictures for the portraits as I wanted to learn the technique behind it. The process involved lots of trials and error and finally I was able to capture something close to it. I always thought that imitating others style is ethically wrong but I realized how can we come up with own style if we don’t know much about the great work that have been done in the past and how it was done. So I think we should always refer to the past and take it as a ladder for our learning process and be inspired from it and build our style in the entire process of learning new things every day as there is no end to learning. “

Pictures shot by Yawan during the session:

yawanrai_portrait_tenzing_0001_20140706 yawanrai_portrait_tenzing_0009_20140706

Portrait Session – Diploma Batch 2013-14

An ongoing session for Diploma batch 2013-14 under mentorship of faculty, director and photographer Dinesh Khanna. The basic idea was to experiment with different lighting technique and also observing your subject. 
Here Lipok shares his insights about the session: “Well who wouldn’t want to capture a timeless piece of joy, or that of curiosity. Perhaps that first startling moment, or an expression of ecstasy. It takes quiet a bit of courage to stand in front of the camera. Take a moment to think about portrait photography from clients’ perspective. They are probably feeling nervous and uncertain about what to expect. being photographed is stressful, client may be worried, concerned about coordinating clothes and accessories and generally feeling apprehensive about how they appear. ‘Light is a catalyst, when elements of nature ignite with catalyst there is magic’ To capture this magic we take photographs, and the photographs become a memory.”

Pictures shot by Lipok during the session:

_DSC0923 _DSC0925

The Experience of Diploma batch 2013-14

23 year old,Sukriti pursued Bachelors in Fine Arts specializing in Painting. She says that Photography gives her the same freedom of emotion as painting.

In her search for an institute which could provide her full time classes under great mentors she reached Vasant Vihar, Delhi.Where the most varied genre of photographers to choose from and working under the guidance of great mentors like Dinesh and Aditya sir , she proudly agreed to Apex.

She talks about Apex and this is what she shares,“Apex gives every child their space to blossom. With students interested in different genre of photography mentors with the best of expertise in that genre are provided which makes Apex different from others. Studio facilities are made available to students to make them at par with the competition outside. Darkroom classes were an absolute delight.”        

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For her the faculty was undoubtedly the best thing about the course,there is no other college or institute which would provide this huge range of masters in the field of photography.

Apex was the best thing that happened to her and her love for photography has boosted a lot on the way. With her scholarship adding on, she says she has lived her dream In the last one year and now she is planning to intern with some photographers.

The Experience of Diploma batch 2013-14

22 year old Debojit Chakraborty, student of hotel management turned his hobby into a passion into a profession.

He joined apex because the infrastructure was better than other academies and the faculty was better than any other. Here at apex we are exposed to different genres of photography.
His aspirations to become a fashion photographer were met to some extent here at Apex.
“The Work in the studios,Hands-on experience with the equipments and learning from the best faculties in India were the best parts about this course. The professional trips with my teacher Mr. Aditya Arya really enhanced my knowledge. Today I am ready to take professional assignments to excel in this field.”

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The Experience of Diploma batch 2013-14

27 year old, graduate in German language, Rohit Gambhir who has worked in the E-commerce industry for over 5 years shares his cup of tea on his experience at Apex;

“Photography has always been something i’ve liked, but was always unsure whether i should leave my stable job and pursue it professionally. Being inspired by the work of photojournalists i finally decided to move on from my office job and pursue photography instead. I found a workshop which anyone who had a Canon camera could attend and subsequently i did a one-month fast track course at Apex.

After which i decided to pursue the diploma course at Apex as here one gets a number of hands-on opportunities of working with the studio equipment as well as discussing our work with the faculty members. The presence of such accomplished Directors also gives a sense of assurance to students who are really passionate about photography,My initial expectations were to be able to use the camera and studio equipments to the best, exposure to different genres of photography. As the course progressed, the expectations continued to grow and simultaneously met fairly well as the faculty was a mix of veterans, where everyone had a common aim of making us better photographers.

The experience has been excellent, the range of faculty, the equipments, the professional exposure has been overwhelming. My plan now is to spend more time perfecting my skills, traveling and creating photo stories of my own as well as assisting established photographers at every platform I get.”

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Summer Workshop

Summer is here! Apex doesn’t stay far behind. A fantastic Week-long Workshop specially designed for students and young enthusiasts who love Photography and want to develop their skills is being held at APEX, from the 23rd- 30TH June. The timings for the course are 9 am to 12 pm. The aim of the course is to teach students how to express themselves through photographs, the course teaches the basics of photography, portraits and family holiday photography under the supervision of professional photography teacher such as Mr. Suresh Gupta. No prior knowledge of photography is required for the course.

The course has 5 students ranging from the age of 13 to 19, from different backgrounds and cities and here is why they chose to do this workshop;

“I joined this workshop because my dad gifted me a camera recently and I was interested to learn the correct ways of using the technology of the camera, as I would love to explore and pursue photography as a hobby later in my life”

-Ahan Verma, 13, Dps Vasant Kunj

“The reason I joined this course was to learn the basics of photography, I’ve been using the camera since the past one year, but never learnt it professionally. My goal in life is to either be a photographer or a graphic designer later in life and I am sure this course would help me move towards that.”

-Iman Sen Gupta, 16, Shri Ram School Aravali

“Inspired by my aunt, I became interested in this field. However photography is a hobby and I enjoy doing it, and right now have no plans of doing it professionally in my life ahead”

-Sava Sandhu, 15, Lawrence School

 “Constantly clicking pictures from my phone wasn’t just enough, so I took up this workshop to learn how to use a professional camera and capture pictures through that instead. Photography is my hobby”

-Avarna Ojha, 19, Lady Shri Ram College

“Photography has always been my passion, my stress buster, visiting my sister in Delhi I got the opportunity to join this workshop and enhance on my photography skills”

-Shaileen Parikh, Mumbai_MG_1735 _MG_1737 _MG_1743 _MG_1759 _MG_1770

The Experience of Diploma batch 2013-14

As Apex batch of 2013-14 comes to an end we have another student,  Vipin Keswani. This 23 year old started photography two years back as a hobby and finally decided to opt it as a career. He shares why he chose and loves Apex ;

“When I decided to pursue a diploma in photography I visited a number of institutes in Delhi and Apex was one of them, I researched and went through the work of Mr.Dinesh Khanna and Mr.Aditya Arya and hence being inspired I decided to join Apex.

The facilities here were much better than any other institutes in Delhi, and its also the only one which is run by practicing photographers themselves.

I expected the course to be very detailed and full of practical sessions and these expectations were fulfilled. From time to time we were asked to assist our mentors on there professional assignments and this was my favorite part of the entire course, the overall experience at the academy was great as this has improved my photography to a great extent. After completing this course i can see myself as a far better photographer and now am planning to be a professional photographer.”

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The Experience of Diploma batch 2013-14

The Apex batch of 2013-14 is going to come to an end here 31 year old, Zakir Ali Khan , student of Diploma Batch 2013-14 shares his experience with Apex;
“Moving into Photography after pursuing a career in IT field, joining Apex was one of my best decisions. I wanted to join an intensive course which would allow me to do a lot of hands-on, but with the right amount of theoretical knowledge and apex gave me the confidence of providing that. The best part of the course was how it covered a wide range of genres and gave us exposure to the best professionals in their respective fields. Assisting senior photographers has been one precious experience giving a complete understanding of the professional environment, i feel more confident to handle a professional assignment. With the skills that i take from here on i plan to work on the personal projects in the long run, for the short term I plan to do some documentary work involving travel and exploration to begin with.”ImageImageIMG_8984IMG_8705IMG_7531

The experience of Diploma batch 2013-14

The Apex batch of 2013-14 is going to come to an end here 23 year old, Tuhina Chopra, graduate from Miranda House, Delhi university shares her insight on her experience with Apex;

” Photography was just a hobby for me, but after my graduation I decided to pursue it as a career, i chose Apex to enhance my knowledge related to photography as it draws faculty from diverse professional photographers which makes it versatile from other photography institutions. The best part being the experience we gained while working under two directors Mr Aditya Arya and Dinesh sir. The overall e was remarkable as i got the opportunity to delve into my inner creativity which has definitely enhanced me both as an artist and a photographer. I see myself as a successful photographer in the long run.”

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The Intensive Foundation Programme in Photography

One of the premier photography initiatives to introduce the basics of photography to amateurs  and beginners is The Intensive Foundation Programme in Photography. The course conducted by some of the highly trained practitioners and teachers of photography besides being  a very popular  and much sought  after programme.

The classes are held on the weekends over a stretch of 2 months in the evening from 3-6 pm.

The present batch has 8 students, from different backgrounds and age groups.

Faculty: Mr. Suresh Gupta

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 Prienou Behl, 22, Make-up artist and image consultant

“I have been part of the fashion industry since about 2-3 years now so Photography has been an integral part of my life. This is what have made me interested in learning photography further especially the technicalities of the camera. I plan to go to London to study photography further and this course will give me a good head start to my technical skills.”

Ananya Malaviya,18, just passed out from school.

” I really want to take up Art and Design as a profession and I want to explore different mediums of art and Photography being a part of it I would want to delve into it further.”

Arunima Tara, 20, pursuing History Hon’s from LSR College.

” I have always been interested in capturing videos, my father being a film maker has introduced me to this medium now I want to expand my vision and explore Photography also and later in my life I would want to merge the two mediums and come up with something extremely creative. “