Large Format Photography Workshop, JULY 14-15, 2012, New Delhi

JULY 14- 15, 2012, New Delhi


10 AM to 4PM

COURSE FEE : General Rs. 1500/-, Students (with valid ID cards)Rs. 1000/-

Many successful photographers including Ansel Adams, Richard Avedon Edward Weston, Irving Penn, Cole Weston, and others have used a large format camera to create a large body of incredible photographs. We at APEX ACDEMY bring to you the same unique opportunity to understand the nuances and discipline of LARGE FORMAT PHOTOGRAPHY.

NO PREVIOUS LARGE FORMAT EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED!  This course is designed for beginner or experienced  photographers who seek a slower and more contemplative form of photography. At the completion of this intensive two-day workshop, you will be able to efficiently and confidently compose, focus, meter, and expose your own large format photographs.


 1. Understanding the Large Format Camera – Brief idea of the camera formats will be discussed, i.e. 35mm Format, medium Format. Large image size,Flexible bellows connecting the front and back,Ground glass viewing,Interchangeable lenses.

2. Benefits of Large Format – Larger image size, Camera movements Individual sheets of film. Contemplative approach.

3. Basics of LF camera operations i.e. tilt, shift and swing and its effects on the picture.

4. Perspective correction.

5. Understanding Plane of Focus.

6. Practical approach to Scheimpflug Principal.

Here is what we study and practice during the workshop:

  • Essential gear
  • Lens selection
  • Camera movements and terminologies
  • Setup and focusing
  • the Scheimpflug principle
  • When to use which movements
  • Using compound movements
  • Close-up photography
  • Bellows compensation
  • Everything you need to know about film
  • Metering and Exposure
  • Basic principles of Zone System
  • Working with filters
  • Workflow

Instructor – Malhar Dhruv

Limited Seats! Register now!

To register, please email or call +91 11 4166 9520, 4601 9125


You can also join our Facebook page. But don’t forget to register for the workshop with us first!


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